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  • Expert en moulage par injection, moulage par compression et surmoulage des plastiques
  • Expert en moulage par injection, moulage par compression et surmoulage des plastiques
  • Expert en moulage par injection, moulage par compression et surmoulage des plastiques

Our expertise
Assembly and machining of plastics

In order to adapt to its customers’ needs, Delta Plasturgy provides and develops plastic finishing, assembly, fitting, machining know-how such as trimming, cutting, piercing, threading, welding, marking or assembly. We also provide packaging and shipping of our finished products directly to final clients who are not necessarily our direct clients.

Machining of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics

Plasturgy, machining of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics

Delta Plasturgy has a firm grasp of plastic machining and assembly techniques. Machining such as piercing, threading, milling, turning are carried out within our finishing workshop as well as trimming or assembly and fitting of sub-assemblies. Metallising, decoration and painting are carried out externally with our partners.

Different finishing technologies

Delta Plasturgy carries out the following finishing technologies:

Finishing plastics in plasturgy, hot stamping

Hot stamping

With part injection, assembly and finishing, Delta Plasturgy creates, internally or with partners, classic decorations like plastic painting, hot stamping or pad printing.
Finishing plastics in plasturgy, structural bonding

Structural bonding

Some assemblies make use of structural bonding or assembly then sealed bonding for filter housing.
Finishing plastics in plasturgy, structural assembly through US welding

Structural assembly of plastic through US welding

Some assemblies make use of assembly through box ultrasound, various crimping, metal insert fitting or filter housing closures.
Finishing plastics in plasturgy, crimping and hot assembly

Crimping and hot assembly

The assembly and crimping or assembly and instrument plastic welding are techniques used in particular for diving products.
Finishing plastics in plasturgy, assembly of thermosetting plastics

Assembly of thermosetting plastic parts

The assembly of thermosetting plastic parts is mainly through interlocking, screwing, structural bonding, mechanical assembly.
Finishing plastics in plasturgy, plastic metallizing

Plastic metallising

Some assemblies make use of electrolytic deposition through electroplating, for example chrome coating to create a mirror on a plastic part in ABS.
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  • Are you planning a new product including engineering plastic parts?
  • Do you want to create a sub-assembly made up of several plastic parts or to substitute a metal part with a plastic part?
  • Do you want to define or improve the shape of a part to use manufacturing through plastic injection machining?
  • Would you like to know the price of a part, with or without a feasibility study, the cost of creating moulds, depending on your choice of plastic material, or even the cost of finishing or assembly operations?
Our design office and our teams support you in all steps of your project.
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Delta Plasturgy,
assembly & machining of plastics

Delta Plasturgy has developed know-how in finishing, assembly, fitting and machining of plastics and also provides packaging and shipping of finished products.

Delta plasturgy, votre spécialiste en plasturgie fine

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In order to ensure that all services comply with client demands, Delta Plasturgy has committed to a quality approach since 1999. Its production site has been ISO 9001 certified since 1999 and has complied with its 2015 version since December 2017.


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Rotule en POM chargé fibre de verre pour lance à eau.
casque de chantier
Platine en DAP
Pièce transparente en polycarbonate ou PMMA.
Miroir pour équipement de jumelles haute-performance jour/nuit (ultem + revêtement or).
ornier électrique de connexion avec surmoulage d’inserts en cuivre.
Couronne porte-balais en Araldite avec surmoulage de fils électriques.
Vitre de protection pour machine découpe de verre optique en polycarbonate.
Façade en ABS d'un groupe électrogène.